1. Impossibility to submit/receive documents independently

The seafarer does not have the opportunity to submit documents on his own, as the Captaincy works just 2 hours a day, and the number of Captain's employees who receive documents is only 2. ``Corruption fee`` for accepting documents without queue - $ 300.

2. Illegal intermediaries for registration of documents, passing of examinations

Mediators enter into a notarial agreement with the seafarer. Then the seafarer passes all documents to the mediators. ``Corruption fee`` for one exam - $ 1,200. If a seafarer does not use the services of intermediaries and he is well- prepared for the exam, the qualification commission flunks him, anyway. These intermediaries have access to a single state register of seafarers' documents, and the seafarer does not have the opportunity to download documents through his own electronic cabinet. There is no information on who is the administrator of the register data and where the personal data is stored. There is also no information on software and personal data protection system.

3.Illegal division of training centers into ``CLUBS`` and others

Over the last two years, all training centers have been divided into those that are involved into the corrupt scheme (certificates of which are “valid” for examiners), and all other, ``non-club`` centers (certificates of which it is impossible to pass the exam).
There are only 6 out of 40 training centers in the “club”.
``Club centers`` are gradually becoming ``certificate printing centers``, the level and quality of education of which is gradually declining.
``Corruption fee`` for a set of maritime documents - $ 2,000 - $ 10,000.

4. ``Corruption contribution`` of cadet

After graduation, cadets are forced to take another exam in the State Qualification Commission to obtain their first working diploma.
``Corruption fee`` - $ 1,500. Before members of the State Qualification Commission were present at the final exam at the school and they signed a joint protocol.Thus the cadets were not required to take a separate exam.

5. Re-confirmation of diplomas through the State Qualification Commission exam

Every 5 years, a seafarer must be re-certified. According to the International Convention on the Training and Certification of Seafarers, which Ukraine ratified in 1996, if a seafarer has continuous experience, he receives confirmation automatically, after providing the relevant supporting documents. But in Ukraine, the corruption hydra has decided that Ukrainian seamen should receive confirmation of diplomas passing exams at the State Qualification Commission. This is a ``corruption superstructure`` that contradicts the current international maritime law. Actually it is 70% of all corrupt transactions in the field of diplomacy.

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