Demand 1

To eradicate the corruption axis of evil – ideologues, founders and leaders of the corruption criminal group: Vilen Shatvoryan and Igor Shchedrov, who have a great influence on the Minister of Infrastructure and other officials of the maritime sector. To make the Minister of Infrastructure of Ukraine Vladyslav Krykliy, executive Head of the State Service for Maritime and River Transport of Ukraine Andriy Glazkov resign;

Demand 2

Make changes to Art. 51 of the Code of Merchant Shipping of Ukraine in terms of determining the conditions under which seafarers will be able to obtain re-confirmation of the validity of diplomas without passing examinations in State Qualification Commissions.

This algorithm is prescribed by the International Convention on the Training and Certification of Seafarers, which Ukraine ratified in 1996. The relevant bill N3944 was registered on 29/07/2020, but for more than six months the Verkhovna Rada Committee on Transport and Infrastructure refused to consider the bill and propose to the Verkhovna Rada.

Link to the bill  N3944

WE DEMAND to consider the bill in the near future and submit it to the plenary session.

Demand 3

To sign the draft order of the Ministry of Infrastructure of Ukraine on the simplification of the diplomacy system dated 02/11/2020, which was discussed publicly, which was amended by all experts in the maritime sector, but which was unexpectedly withdrawn by the Minister.

Demand 4

Resolve the problem of verification in the State Register of Seafarers of Ukraine.

Today, verification is possible only through illegal intermediaries – agents who offer seafarers to give them the originals of all documents (including passports), pay for the service and get instant verification.

In addition, it is necessary to inform the public who is the administrator of the State Register of Seafarers of Ukraine, where personal data is  stored, and  whether the requirements of the Law “On Protection of Telecommunications Networks” are met.

Demand 5

To stop the vicious practice of the legitimacy of certificates only of their “club” training centers, which are part of the corruption scheme. 

Today, out of 45 existing training centers, only 6 are “club”, all other centers can not actually work properly and are forced to bring to a stop their activity.

Demand 6

To stop the shameful practice of demanding “the first corruption pass for the cadets.

After graduation cadets are forced to take additional exams in the State Qualification Commission, which cannot be passed without a bribe.

Demand 7

To provide a strict control of the Maritime Administration and the management of structural units involved in the certification and performance of supervisory and control functions: maritime education, experience in seagoing vessels and in the certification system of seafarers, if they meet

 the mandatory management  qualification requirements.

Demand 8

Creating a transparent system of electronic examinations, taking into account the best examples that work successfully in other countries – from software to the publication of tests.

Demand 9

Transfer the Central Bodies of the Maritime Administration of Ukraine to Odessa and create an open (another one) register of Ukrainian vessels in Odessa.

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